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Named the HelpAge India-NDTV Viewers?Elders?Village, also called Tamaraikulam(literally, 襠lotus pond?in Tamil),the elders village is an innovative Age care facility of HelpAge India. Often referred to as Tamaraikulam Elders?Village (TEV), it was established under the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC is a consortium of UK registered humanitarian aid agencies) supported three-year Asian Tsunami project, Exrented Response Programme through Help the Aged and HelpAge International.

The foundation stone laid on 18th May 2006 and Tamaraikulam Elders Village (TEV) was inagurated on 17th December 2007. The elders started to come on 28th November 2007 which was narrated by Mr.Michael Etherton, Consultant, HelpAge International

Excerpts from the diary of Michael Etherton)

It has a total capacity of 100 residents apart from essential staff and guest quarters, of Which as per the concept 50 percent would be fully active elders, 30 percent assisted and 20 percent fully depented elderly. The criteria is based on ablity and not on age. This itself has promoted the cause of productive ageing as most elders are always ready to prove that they are active!


From Chennai driving down on the East Coast Road (ECR) some 20 Km after Puducherry (Pondicherry), One comes across a sprawling campus aesthetically planned, that attracts immediate attention.
It is a model elders?village in vernacular architectural style to suit the specific lifestyle of local village communities.

Status of Elderly in TEV as on Month of February 2013
Particulars Male Female
Active 13 24
Assisted 07 15
Dependent 08 13
Total 28 52
Campus Features
          Land : 5.46 acres;
   Built area : 25,000 sq feet;
          Farm : 2 acres;
Lotus pond : 0.2 acre;
    Capacity : 100 residents in a ratio                       of around 50 active                       elders, 30 assisted                       elders and 20                       dependent elders.