Life of an Elderly

Tamaraikulam Elders Village is trying to add life to their years after the tsunami wiped away all their hopes. These Elders are not just provided food and accommodation, but also opportunities to age gracefully and with dignity. These elders make their own livelihoods - can rear cattle, grow crops,create decorative floral pieces and much more. The residents are provided with proper locally relevant nutrirional diet, Health Care,Active ageing techniques like Yogasanaas,community meetings etc., and are treated with dignity. Celebrations of festivals and events, recreation facilities, linking local community and panchayats, emotional security, palliative care facilities and end of life ritual services make them feel at home.
Medical Facility


Hospital referral linkages

Mobile Medicare Unit

Resident Doctor

Training Facility

Care Givers

Elders� Income Generation

Community counseling by Elders

Multipurpose training hall

Active Aging

Empowering destitute/ orphan elder

Orphan residents

Culture festival

The village is run on Democratic lines

Step to Healthy Life

Residents are provided an opportunity to work as long as they wish and are able to engage themselves in satisfying and productive work. The village is run on democratic lines. An elders� Council is the main decision making body on all day-to-day matters.

There are committees on specfic matters like horticulture, cultural activities, etc. The overall administrative managment of the complex is facilitated by HelpAge India team. A detailed operational manual provides guidance on administration and service standards. This Elders� Village has attracted numerous visitors from accross the country and from abroad. Support has come often in both cash and kind for special cultural events and specific occasions like festivals. Many locals celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries with the elders.

Activities of Daily Living:
5.00- 6.00 AM : Personal Hygiene

6.00 �7.00: Morning walk/ Ragi malt

7 � 7.30AM: Prayer/ meditation

7.30 � 8.30: Farm activities

8.30 � 9.30: Breakfast

9.30�11.30: IG activities

11.30 � 1.00: Bathing/washing

1.00 � 2.00: Lunch Break

2.00 � 3.30: Rest

3.30 � 5.00: IG activities/ carrom

5.00 � 5.30: Tea with snacks

5.30 - 6.00: Walking

6.00 � 7.00: (Television/ Recreation)

7.00 � 8.00: Dinner

8.00 � 9.00: Chat / Prayer

Nutrition and proper diet

Health care

Active ageing with dignity

Celebration of festivals

Recreation facilities

Trained care givers

Linking local community

Pilgrimage tour every month