Provides shelter for tsunami affected destitute elders, care for elders from tsunami affected village in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Includes persons who have lost family members or have been abandoned by their family.
Restore the ethos and social milieu that the residents were used to , as far as possible, provides a minimum standard of elder care to address old age issues of failing health,economic insecurity,neglect,isolation,fear,boredom,abuse,loss of control,lowered selt-esteem,lack of preparedness for old age and social equity.
Promotes the dignity of the elderly residents and eliminating all forms of neglect, abuse and violence.
Benificiary Selection
This process is essentially Community based. HelpAge India intervention to achive self help and sustainable economical indipendence of elders has already resulted in astablishing over 400 Elders Self Help Groups of about 7000 members in 52 villages in the coastal region. These groups are now federated into Village and District Federations and affiliated as an apex Elders for Elders National Federation-Elders for Elders Foundation The destitute, neglected elders recommented by these grassroots village organizations and those recommented by Elders Federation are accommodated as residents.
On Campus Facilities

Eco friendly and planned micro system

Lotus pond with walkway & seating

Biogas Plant

Dairy farm

Organic agricultural praticies

Green house, vegetable and herbal garden

Solid and hospital waste management

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Active Ageing
The concept of quality of life is expressed about aging through active aging which is depending on social and economic factors, personal and behaviour factors, health and social services, environment gender and culture. The programmes for promoting active aging have to encourage healthy life styles, including nutrition policies, active life and avoidance of chronic illnesses. Between 1050 to 2025, the old (those who are above 80 years and above) will grow twice. In this condition, we are confronted with two major issues Providing older people with opportunities for independence, health and productivity.
A palliative care approach
Since physical deterioration and decline, such as immobility and bedsores do create a loss of dignity for dying aging. We tried to work with this persons using a person centred approach where personal choices and decisions are always respected to ensure diginity.
To retain the dying persons in his/her familiar surroundings till death. We will inform their freinds, relatives and the local panjayath.
The dying persons is entitled to good pain control and nursing care. Regarding the good pain control and nursing care, the care givers made every effort to help the patients with this.

The Village Concept
The dwelling unit clusters incorportates the sea-village surroundig-the concept of common open spaces, interactive semi-covered space, private indoor space and attached shelters for livestock. Designed by well known architect and artist Madhav Naik.
Care Giving
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Care givers who had developed good relationships with the residents, are able to perform the task smoothly.